Content Management of Local Interest

Public tender notices published daily by local newspapers “Notícias” and “O País”:

  • Notices are emailed daily to Customers up to 24 hours after publication in local press, in PDF format
  • This service aims to keep procurement teams in companies operating in the Mozambican market aware of what is being sought for and offered at local level
  • Maintenance of databases – data-entry, classification and metadata recording for online access open or restricted, using Customer’s software
  • Proof-reading, validation and quality control of data entry ready for publication in database and/or online platforms
  • Proof-reading and layout of textual documents
  • revision of OCR and layout of text (margins, headers and footers, pagination and table of contents generation)
  • Organization and maintenance of document collections of public interest for searching online
  • Development, adaptation and/or application of classification and indexing systems of documents, such as controlled languages, taxonomies, etc.
  • Set-up of typologies and definition of metadata and/or bookmarks for information and documents retrieval
Enterprise Content Management