Enterprise Content Management

  • Unbinding, scanning to A4 and to bigger formats
  • OCR of documents, proof-reading of OCR and WORD layout
  • working in our premises and/or in outsourcing

Perform diagnostics to evaluate ongoing and evolving strategies for maximizing how institutional content is to be used.

Outsourcing services including but not limited to:

  • Management and maintenance of physical archives – screening and organization of technical and/or administrative records and archives, setup and customization of typologies, and other archiving tools, rules and regulations
  • Scanning of documents in various formats
  • Management and maintenance of digital archives – set-up criteria to identify and storage files hierarchically, chronologically and/or sequentially on servers, networks, computer disks, pens, external disks, cloud, etc.
  • Data entry of documents in ECM software and set-up of metadata and document workflows
  • Search and retrieval services of archived documents in LANs or the Internet and delivery to allowed users by email or print copy
Outsourcing services of pre-auditing of record files, including:

  • Screening and write-off duplicates
  • Review and verifying of file records content to certify compliance with the rules and procedures defined by the Client
  • Identification and replacement of missing documents, whenever possible
  • Diagnosis, set-up and migration of data in libraries and documentation centers
  • Selection, set-up, configuration and testing of specialized software for the management of records on libraries and documentation centers
  • Training and technical assistance in operation of libraries and documentation centers software, also using customer’s software
  • Off-site storage of documents – storage of inactive files in standard cardboard containers in appropriate warehouses
  • batch registration  of documents and provision of searching lists
  • delivery and collection of documents for consultation whenever requested
  • Disposal services – screening of obsolete documents and request for authorization for disposal, unstapling and shredding documents with delivery of waste in eco-points for recycling
Content Management of Local Interest
Legal Content Management